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Custom Window Clings for Retail and Business applications. Our custom vinyl window clings can be printed to any size up to 4' x 8' and are stunning photographic quality for full-window displays. We can diecut your window cling into virtually any shape or design.

Our custom vinyl window clings are available in a variety of configurations:

One or Two sided

  • refers to the number of sides that are printed - simple enough!

Static or Adhesive

  • Static cling relies on the static electric property to cause it to stick to the surface...just like when you rub a baloon in your hair & stick it to a surface. But, as with the balloon, the static charge eventually wears off and the cling loses its stickiness. This is especially the case in high humidity environments and situations where the cling is subjected to significant fluctuations in temperature. For these reasons static clings are recommended for indoor use only.
  • Adhesive cling uses one of several adhesive materials to adhere to the surface. These come in permanent, removable, and low-tack options. recommends low-tack adhesive cling for most applications. It is easy to work with, adheres well indoors or out, is easy to remove, and leaves no residue behind after removal.

Mounting Surface

  • Top or "1st-surface" mount - the cling is affixed to the same side of the glass it is to be viewed from. You view the cling directly, not through the glass.
  • Rear or "2nd-surface" mount - the cling is affixed to the back side of the glass. You look through the glass to view the cling.

Perfect for:

  • Store Windows & Doors
  • POP Displays
  • Appliance Displays
  • Window Signs

Custom Window Cling





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