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  • Collated printing projects: Simply upload your files and we’ll do the printing and sorting for you.
  • Small and large quantities available: Order just 2 sets, or 5,000.
  • Large paper selection: Choose from a variety of paper stocks.
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Simplify your collated printing projects that require multiple sets of various similar designs. Print cut sheet sets for less and have them collated for you.

Cut sheet sets or collated printing are “stacks” or “decks” of printed pages that have been collated into sets once printing was complete, as opposed to having one stack of all one design, and another stack having all of a different design, and so on. Cut sheet sets may have different information and images on them, but all of the pages are the same size and shape and made with the same kind of paper for each design. Each set is complete once all the different designs have been collated together into groups according the cut sheet project’s specifications.

Collated printing projects could encompass a variety of styles of paper information sets. They could be used for the following purposes:

  • Educational flashcards for school or student use
  • A deck of custom playing cards
  • A personalized tarot card deck
  • Inventing a new game
  • Table number cards for a wedding
  • Creating an information packet for marketing

This list is just to get you started, as there may be a variety of reasons for wanting to print collated sets. Use cut sheet set printing for creating playing cards for home, flash cards for school or marketing projects for business – the options are limited only by your imagination.

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